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Sakaguchi Corporate Welfare Office ( Osaka Prefectural Social Insurance Labor Association ) Please do not hesitate to contact us byphonewhen you have trouble with labor management / labor problems           
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Matters of work rules
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At our social insurance
labor office we provide the following consultation for business owners free of charge for in-house consultation.
(We have consulted visits at our office.Please acknowledge that there is content that can not be answered by e-mail consultation. )

    ■ When you want to use unnecessary employment subsidies
Thinking of unpaid overtime measures of business owners
payroll outsourcing (outsourcing) your idea of business owners
correct the recommendation issued by the labor standards Inspection Office need help business owners like development needs of business owners work rules     ■ wages employers like you think a review of the system     ■ problem employees of the corresponding in Need help business owners like     ■ Need help of business owners in the labor union measures twisting labor problem when going on workers' compensation accident you need help in the corresponding  consultation Etc. Now ( Free ) →


In charge: Social insurance labor consultant Masatoshi Sakaguchi
             Inquiry mail form

    Grant  telephone consultation in progress 9: 00 ~ 19: 00 (Monday - Friday)  Now!
 (Free) Because it is a companyworker specializing in grants, opportunities that can be used increase.

      The possibility of subsidy of 120,000 yen ~ 1 million yen by newly adopted at Hello Work

    Request for unpaid Overtime fee · Recommendation from remedy from labor bureau
      Employer in need Negotiable Dial 9: 00 ~ 19: 00 (Monday - Friday)

      Now!    (Free)

      Repayment of overtime payment for 2 years is too high risk.
      To special risks to avoid risk

   ■ your policy    1. With regard to the social insurance labor service business,      we will explain the content and scope of the social insurance labor service in a clear and understandable manner from the customer's point of view.    2. We will prepare a contract before starting work.    3. We      promise price setting and service contents you can satisfy with .    4.      We promise you useful information delivery (labor management, subsidy, sales, attracting guests, introduction of books, etc.) once a month for customers with advisory contracts .

Labor Management Special Feature
Relationship between Labor Law and Labor Contract         
■ What is a trial period?
■ What is dismissal?
■ What is Special Workmen's Affiliation
■ Osaka prefectural minimum wage
■ What is legal work time?
■ Concrete measures to revise the Stabilization of Employment Stabilization Act for Reformed Elderly
■ Wage setting for older people

The Sakaguchi Corporate Welfare Office develops services mainly in the following areas.  
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